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Winners of the South Florida Apnea Challenge II

23rd August 2016   |

Sunday, August 21st was a sweltering day in north Miami, Florida — but that did not dissuade over a dozen determined freedivers from a common goal of showcasing their best dynamic performances at the second installment of the South Florida Apnea Challenge. Day two of the weekend pool competition, (hosted & expertly organized by Ricardo […] READ MORE

4 Accessories You Should Always Dive With

23rd August 2016   |

Once we have our basic kit purchased, many divers start looking at different accessories they can add. Some go overboard and look like a walking Christmas tree. While it is always good to have a accessory handy when you need it underwater, having to many can impact your buoyancy, mobility and could even become a […] READ MORE

Stream2Sea Partners With NAUI’s Green Diver Initiative

23rd August 2016   |

The skin care company Stream2Sea is now a new corporate partner with NAUI’s Green Diver Initiative. The new partnership will directly support the GDI’s new “Dive4Change Grant Program,” which is scheduled to launch in the next few months. The grant will support global projects that help divers protect and save the world’s oceans, lakes and […] READ MORE

Welcome to Blue Element: Dive into Dominica

24th August 2016   |

Johnny Sunnex and Sofia Gomez Uribe invite you to #DiscoverDominica with them, the new home they have set their sights on for a new freediving depth competition. The dynamic duo have come together to organize what they hope will become a favorite annual, international competition for adventure-seeking men and women from around the globe. “I […] READ MORE

PADI Women’s Dive Day in Asia Pacific Region

23rd August 2016   |  Padi Blog

Last month divers all over the globe celebrated the second ever annual PADI Women’s Dive Day. On July 16, over 700 PADI Women’s Dive Day events took place in 77 countries. Men, women, boys and girls donned their fins with one goal in mind, to celebrate the contributions that women […] The post PADI Women’s Dive Day in Asia Pacific Region appeared f... READ MORE

International non-profit organization to retrain veteran combat divers to restore coral and promote conservation; Sunset House Grand Cayman to be first training site

23rd August 2016   |  DiveNewswire

Ailing reefs and the warrior spirit – a combination that could be a winning formula for Force Blue, a new non-profit that seeks to help former Special Operations veterans utilize their training and teamwork to preserve the world’s coral reefs. A major fundraising reception in honor of these distinguished veterans and the Force Blue program… The pos... READ MORE

Razorfish in Lembongan

24th August 2016   |  Two Fish Divers

This week in Lembongan… Our divers have been spotting lots of razorfish along the north coast of Penida. Not seen very often in the area and almost never when there is strong current along the north coast, but this week, the conditions have been good and our divers have been able to spot groups of […] The post Razorfish in Lembongan appeared first... READ MORE

E/V Nautilus Discovers Deep-Sea Purple Orb

24th August 2016   |  Scuba Diver Life

Last week, the deep-sea exploration team aboard the E/V Nautilus brought the world’s cutest squid to our attention. What have they found now? “What is that?” “I’m stumped,” replies a researcher. “I have no idea. I can’t even hazard a guess.” During exploration of the 5,000-foot-deep Arguello Canyon in the ocean off the coast of Southern California,... READ MORE

2016 Ocean Art Underwater Photo Competition Now Taking Submissions

24th August 2016   |

Water-loving shutterbugs take note: The Ocean Art underwater photography competition today began taking submissions for its sixth annual iteration, with a new category and more than US$75,000/66,354 Euros in prizes. The Underwater Photography Guide, which runs the competition, will be accepting images through November 22, 2016. The competition now... READ MORE

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