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Archaeologist Teams Discover 45 Shipwrecks Off Greek Islands

26th July 2016   |

The eastern Aegean Sea is one heck of a treasure trove when it comes to shipwrecks. A dive team found a total of 45 shipwrecks between the Greek islands of Samos and Ikaria in a pair of recent expeditions — 22 last autumn and another 23 from this past June 8 to July 2. The […] READ MORE

Learn Tech Diving In Cozumel This Coming December

25th July 2016   |

If learning more about technical diving is on your bucket list and you want a short respite from the onset of winter’s chill, the folks at Cozumel Marine World and Casa Del Mar Cozumel in Mexico might have just the thing for you. The two resorts will be co-hosting a weeklong Technical Diving Clinic between […] READ MORE

An Introduction to Muck Diving – Getting Down and Dirty

26th July 2016   |  Padi Blog

Less than 30% of our planet is made up of land so as divers we are extremely privileged to be able to explore some of the other 70%. Not all of our oceans are bordered by coral reefs however, with some excellent diving and stunning marine life able to be […] The post An Introduction to Muck Diving – Getting Down and Dirty appeared first on READ MORE

Turning Pollution into Art: Washed Ashore

25th July 2016   |  Scuba Diver Life

Along with climate change, over-fishing and habitat destruction, plastic pollution is one of the greatest threats to ocean health. Oregon-based non-profit Washed Ashore is shining a spotlight on the situation by collecting debris from America’s beaches and using it to create artworks designed to raise awareness about man-made pollution. The sculptu... READ MORE

Week 3-4 of Wendy Anne’s Divemaster Training

25th July 2016   |  Two Fish Divers

Divemaster Training – Weeks 3-4, Nusa Lembongan and Bunaken The middle 2 weeks of my divemaster training has been as action packed as the start – thankfully I’ve completed (and passed!!) both the theory exams, the mapping and emergency plan, and four of the five waterskills assessments and it’s nice to have them behind me […] The post Week 3-4 of W... READ MORE

Lilly and her divemaster course in Bunaken

25th July 2016   |  Two Fish Divers

Night dives are amazing. I always knew that but since I’ve come here they have become my favourite dives ever. Due to my Divemaster Night Dive Speciality I spend a lot of time night diving this week. Two blue ringed octopus, several leaf fishes, squids, a giant sponge crab and heaps and heaps of little […] The post Lilly and her divemaster course i... READ MORE

A Weekend of Beachfront Charm on Koh Phangan

25th July 2016   |  Alex In Wanderland

It was like clockwork: after a little over a month back on Koh Tao, I was itching for a mini getaway again. Nothing major, just a teeny change of scenery to scratch my travel itch. So it couldn’t have been more perfect that I was already planning a weekend away on my neighboring island of Koh Phangan to meet up with college bestie and Alex in Wande... READ MORE

Specialties and Advance Open Water Diving Certification

25th July 2016   |

Welcome to our Beginners Guide to Scuba Diving. Part 16 of this series takes a look at Specialties and Advance Open Water Diving Certification READ MORE

Free Nitrox Onboard Arenui in the Forgotten Islands

25th July 2016   |  Sport Diver

Travel DealsAre you ready to re-discover a 1,000 kilometer chain of islands? READ MORE

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